BSides London Mentor Application 2020
Starting in 2013, BSidesLondon ran its first Rookie Track and everything from the initial sign up through to the follow ups months after. It all went really well, thanks to the help of great Mentors who looked after and supported their Rookies throughout the process.

Since this worked so well it has been running ever since. This year we are keeping up with the tradition and running the track again on June 3rd.

We are looking for another team of willing Mentors to help this year's crop of Rookies take their first steps in presenting at a major security conference.

As a Mentor, you will be there to help the a Rookie take their initial idea from concept into a full 15 minute presentation. You are not there to write it for them but to help with things like presentation style (not 100 words per page at 8pt comic sans) and general support in things like how to practice before hand and what to do when they get on stage.

You will also need to be there on the day as a person in the audience so that they know someone is definitely supporting them and to give them a boost of confidence during their talk.

All past years Mentors said they had a great time so join in and help bring new blood into the speaking community.

This is the schedule for the track couple of years ago, It gives a good idea of the type of talks and people we expect to see this year.

For Data Protection purposes, we are only collecting this information for the purpose of registering interest in the Rookie Track and we won't use it or share it with anyone else. Once the selection process is over, we will destroy this data.

For more information about the Rookie Track see

Thanks again.

Rookie Track Team

bsidesldnrookies {at} gmail {dot} com

NB. Security BSides London is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected; be assured that the information being collected is for internal use only and it will only be used in accordance with your permission.
If you do not wish to provide us with your personal details like email address and name, then do not proceed any further. By completing this form, you agree to Security BSides London storing your personal details for the purpose of contacting you, organising the event and using it to announce your presentation/workshop/material.
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