Digital Agency:  Operation Manager/Executive Assistant for Aadil's Web Agency
We’re Hiring Urgently an Operation Manager/Executive assistant to lead an advertising agency.
Note that this is a full-time position. Between 30-40 hours a week - sometimes more.
Work will happen between 7 or 8 am MST to  4 or 6 pm MST

Want to work with a cool & super ambitious & appreciative boss as one of the most impactful team member?
You're at the right place!

Aadil is looking for  an Operation Manager/Executive assistant for his web/advertising agency, that will assist him with the following:
-you need past experiences working in an advertising agency
-Take charge of billing the clients and follow up with unpaid invoices.
-project management
-communication with clients  and taking notes in meetings.
-figuring out yourself what next system, procedures or task needs to be thought and then executed by yourself to make your own job easier, automate some recurring tasks, and save Aadil a lot of time so he can breath a little :)
This is key. You need to be able to step back and see the big pictures and clearly analyze and see what things can be automated, delegated to other VAs - which you'll be managing and building a team along with Aadil.

Your qualities and values:

-Resourcefulness is the core of that role - most of the time Aadil is working hard and around the clock on big projects for clients so he can't always assist you or help you. That's where your resourcefulness will come in play and will allow you to create your own tasks that will make the entire team more efficient and clients happy!
You need to be able to figure things out - quickly and on your own! This is a quality that Aadil appreciate a lot.

-You are a very detailed oriented person

-You're a generalist and can figure out how to do everything (and you're already good and know how to do most things!)

-You're super organized and good at planning

-You have strong communication skills and not shy to talk to clients or hop on a call with them if it's needed.

-Able to switch between Proactive mode and Reactive mode. Proactive mode to move and improve the agency's process and everyone's efficiency. And reactive when it comes to new issues or clients' requests.

-You're open to learn things and you learn quickly! (and able to learn on your own as you do certain tasks or as you search on the net to see how to do a certain thing)

Interested in making a difference and working hard for a team that will actually care and appreciate your work and efforts? Keep reading!


This is a full time position. Between 30-40 hours a week - sometimes more.
Work will happen between 7 or 8 am MST to  4 or 6 pm MST

To be discussed on the phone


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