The Record Book of UBI Advocates
This form is an integral part of the corresponding invitation letter.
“The Record Book of UBI Advocates” is expected to be useful during the “International Communication, Interaction and Collaboration" regarding "UBI Advocacy Efforts”.

>> Necessary Information includes;

1. Name
2. Surname
3. Country
4. E-Mail Address

>> Non-Compulsory Information [e.g. name of the local UBI initiative, membership to BIEN, UBI-E, etc., special interest areas, etc.]

5. Additional Details (optional, max 35 words)

Important Note :

>>> The Photo of yours (which is necessary for the record book and preferably with high resolution) and
>>> If any, the names and e-mail addreses of other UBI Advocates you do want them to be invited to the record book
can be kindly forwarded to by e-mail.

Thank you for your participation and contributions.
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