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We are doing TEAM ENROLLMENTS Get enrolled with us with your CYCLING TEAM Name
👉🏽This is not any Event’s Registration
👉🏽Team Name/ Racer/Team leader compulsory
For Solo category, 1 Racer- 2 crew members,
For Team of 2-2 Racers, 2 crew members,
For Team of 3-3 Racers, 3 crew members,
For Team of 4-4 Racers,4 crew members,
For Team of 6- 6 Racers,4 crew members,
For Team of 8- 8 Racers,4 crew members are compulsory to get registered.
Those who get enrolled will be eligible for seeking sponsorships. Avail discounts on merchandise/sports goodies.
You are required to have a Facebook page/Facebook group of your Team.
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