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We use this to reach out to you for next steps. Make sure it's one that you actually check.
We use this to reach out to you for next steps. Make sure it's one that you actually check.
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Boston, MA (Kenmore Square area)
No. I use public transportation and uber.
I play in the SBS sunday softball league
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Softball (with SBS). I also play Basketball
I love refereeing. I ref'ed for 7 years (4 in HS, 3 in college), and I love being in control of the game and making sure the game is even.
Saran wrapped the crap out of my friends car in highschool. Took him 30 minutes to get it off.
Blue Moon
No. I'm interning with the Boston Herald and work at the Metro West Daily News twice a week. I should be around three days a week
I'm great with people, loud, confident, understand the game of basketball, and I've refereed in the past. I almost like refing more than I like playing because it's fun to deal with people when they are competitive.
Yes. I was the head referee my senior year of HS and created the ref schedule for each game and made sure that every ref had what they needed , answered all their questions, and was the final mediator when both ref's disagreed during the final minutes of a game.
Great at working with people
He doesn't shut up sometimes
Travel. Everywhere. First I'd go to Switzerland, then Japan, then South America and then San Diego
My life, Billy Joel. I don't care/listen to what other people want me to do with my life. I'm going to go the direction I want to go.
Just that I should be around 2-3 nights a week and I'm really interested in referring! I play in the Sunday softball league at Boston Common where Luke is the umpire. I talk to him almost every game and was talking to him about umping/referring last game, and he put me in contact with Alex MacDonald who told me to fill out this form!
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