Book Thursday Furniture Delivery from Kiwanis
The following is what we need to know in order to better perform the Kiwanis deliveries on Thursday.
Caseworker Name
Caseworker Cell#
Caseworker Email
Agency that you work for
Just to help us remember you and so that we know which organization are using this service.
Client Name
Name of your client(s)
Client Cell #
Where they can be reached on Thursday - to facilitate delivery?
Delivery Address
number, street, unit # and postal code
Nature of the Cargo
Please describe what we will probably be picking up: couch, dresser, table & chairs, piano (JUST KIDDING!!!) No pianos please.
Nature of the Residence
IF this NOT a ground level delivery, will the client have someone to assist interior delivery of over-sized items? The truck has a number of rollers, dolleys, straps and special equipment for carrying mattresses but couches can require a couple of extra sets of hands. Does the client understand that some couches are made for apartments but many are too large to fit through apartment complex doors and stairways?
Presence of Third Party
Will a friend, caseworker, property manager or maintenance person be available to be present at the time of delivery? Our experience with the personal nature of delivery and entering into a persons homes when you are meeting them for the first time is that it is preferable if they have a person already in a position of trust with them who can be present when I/we show up at their door and come inside their new home. This is also an especially prescient issue due to the opposite gender status of driver/deliverer and client. Sorry to be such a prude, but this is a sensitive liability issue. Feel free to ask detailed questions in response to this question.
Have you printed out the cargo labels?
Please print and complete a cargo label for each piece that will require transporting and make certain that the form is attached to each piece on Thursday morning. Look for LABELS at
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