Saylor Academy In-Person Proctoring Setup
Potential proctors should use this form to submit the information necessary for them to be approved as proctors for Saylor Academy's credit recommended final exams.

Please read the sections below and then choose "yes" or "no" to continue with the form.

Who can be a proctor?
Proctors must be impartial parties who have no established relationship with a student taking an examination. Established relationships that disqualify a person from serving as your proctor include friends, relatives, employers, work associates, supervisors, or fellow students.

People who can serve as proctors include certified librarians, military education services officers, embassy representatives, and school officials (such as principals, deans, or guidance counselors).

Proctors may not themselves currently be, or plan to be, Saylor Academy students.

Requirements prior to exam

○ Notify Saylor Academy at least one (1) week in advance with a list of courses to be proctored.

○ Verify student identification prior to entering the testing area.

○ Verify that no instructional materials or other aids are taken into the testing area by the student, unless specific permission is granted by Saylor Academy.

○ Provide a suitable location for taking the exam, comfortable and free of distractions.

Requirements during exam

○ Enter the correct exam password without revealing it to the student.

○ Frequently monitor student during the exam to ensure they are completing the exam according to guidelines.

Requirements after exam

○ Maintain strict confidentiality of all test results and online test administration information.

○ Fill out and return the Proctor’s Responsibility Form. If proctoring more than one exam or more than one student, you must fill out a form for each individual exam session.

Acknowledgment of Proctoring Instructions *
Please check yes or no to acknowledge that you have read the instructions, are eligible to serve as a proctor for the student who will be listed on this form, and that you have read and will follow the exam proctoring requirements listed here or otherwise provided to you by Saylor Academy.
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