Become a volunteer for OuiShare Fest 2016
Since 2013, OuiShare Fest has been a community adventure. Last year over 70 volunteers contributed to make the event a success, each based on their wishes and availability. Being a volunteer is a great opportunity to live the Fest from inside and meet the OuiShare community and spirit. More information on what it means to be a volunteer: [add link here]

You want to give a hand and join the Fest 2016 team ?! Please complete this form to apply.

For questions, contact Claudine per email at
Are you already involved in OuiShare or do you want to be ?
We are looking for people that want to be involved in OuiShare beyond the Fest, in a local community or specific subject.
Could you tell us what you have already done with OuiShare or what you would like to do in the future ?
OuiShare member: The 1rst step before becoming a volunteer, join the community :)
To have more information about you, please share the link to your membership profile (on the website). If you're not a member yet, join here:
Do you know someone from our team personally or have you been recommended by someone we know? :
(no judgement here, just a reminder for us)
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