ASB Participant Registration Spring 2020
Hey ASBud! We're so excited that you're interested in an ASB trip! ASB is a great choice if you are interested in... engaging with a social justice topic! Meeting new NU friends! Exploring a new city! Seeing a social justice organization in action! And so much more!!!

ASB trips are open to all undergraduate students, though we cannot guarantee a spot on your top-choice trip. Please rank multiple trips highly in order to maximize your options of being matched with a trip you're comfortable with. Want to learn more about ASB and our service-learning trips? Visit or our facebook page at!

** The dates for ASB Spring trips are as follows **
MARCH 21-29

There will be a MANDATORY orientation meeting (ASB 101) where we will reveal which trip you've gotten into on FEB 19 so please mark your calendars!!

*** Prices are approximate and may change due to participant numbers ***

FINANCIAL AID applications will be available through SES OneForm. We expect to award financial aid to participants proportional to the amount normally awarded by the university. When applying for ASB financial assistance through the SES One Form, please remember you have 2 steps to complete. Step 1: Complete the Basic Profile (general application). Step 2: Complete the Alternative Student Breaks financial assistance application.
Deadline for Financial Aid is FEB 23rd

Financial Aid Application link:

*** Deadline for participant registration EXTENDED TO FEB 17 at Midnight. ***

Lastly, PLEASE check your spring break plans before registering and let us know immediately if your plans change and there is a conflict with trip dates.
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Spring Break Trips 2019
Using the site descriptions, please rank the following sites. If you are opposed to going to a specific site, rank it with a 1. If you are very interested in a site, rank it with a 5. You can use the same rank for multiple sites if you have equal interest in them, but more range in rankings will give us a better idea of what you are interested and not interested in. (Please don't rank one site 5 and the rest 1!)
A) Outfront: Minneapolis, MN -- 1 day drive, $150 *
OutFront is an LGBTQ advocacy organization focusing on making Minnesota a state with “equal opportunities, protection and rights.” Their largest focuses are community organizing and public policy work, as well as efforts surrounding anti-violence, law, education and expansion of the GSA network.
No, I don't want to go.
My bags are packed! Take me away!
B) Red Fern : Dresden, TN -- 1 day drive, $150 *
Red Fern is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter in Dresden, Tennessee run entirely by volunteers. They accept all dog breeds and take the time to vaccinate, spay/neuter, and microchip with all their pets. Perfect for animal lovers, ASB has helped Red Fern with projects large and small.
No, I don't want to go.
My bags are packed! Take me away!
C) Prison Entrepreneurship Program : Dallas, TX -- 2 day drive, $150 *
Located in Texas, PEP works to change the lives of inmates through in-prison education and leadership, a “mini-MBA” program, running transition homes for newly released participants, transportation, counseling and medical services, eSchool classes, and much more.
No, I don't want to go.
My bags are packed! Take me away!
D) Community Groundworks: Madison, WI -- 1 day drive, $150 *
Consisting of a network of locations around Madison, Wisconsin, Community GroundWorks works to “connect people to nature and local food.” Growing from the large Troy Gardens, there are now multiple youth education sites that host field trips and day camps as well as a highly visible plot just outside the state capitol building to showcase their work.
No, I don't want to go.
My bags are packed! Take me away!
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