Disability Identity and Activism Survey
The three co-partners of #CripTheVote created this survey to gather stories on disability identity and activism.

#CripTheVote will be creating a Disability Activism 101 Toolkit featuring selected stories from this survey to give an introduction to people who are curious but don't know where to begin.

We realize that there are a lot of people who do not think of disability as a politicized identity or have any interest in activism.

Everyone's journey is different and we hope to show a wide range of lived experiences. There is no singular way to be disabled or do activism. There is no set dogma on what political positions one should take as a disabled person.


Join us on February 5, 2017, 7 pm Eastern for a #CripTheVote chat on identity and activism!

Please note: There is no obligation to participate. We may quote some of your comments in blog posts or other materials. You are not obligated to answer any of these questions. You are also welcome to complete this survey anonymously. For any questions, you can email: DisabilityVisibilityProject@gmail.com

Thank you!

Andrew Pulrang, Gregg Beratan, and Alice Wong, Co-Partners, #CripTheVote
Blog: http://cripthevote.blogspot.com/

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How do you identify yourself?
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If you are comfortable, please share how you developed your disability identity (in addition to your other intersected identities). How did you get to where you are now? What barriers did you face, if any, in your identity formation?
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Why are you an activist or advocate if you identify as one? How do you define activism or advocacy?
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There are many people with disabilities who may be uncomfortable or intimidated by activism. Some people don't know where to start. What advice can you share from your own life and being part of the #CripTheVote community?
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THANK YOU for participating!! We will feature several of these stories in an upcoming activism toolkit. Check our blog for the latest news: http://cripthevote.blogspot.com/
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