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Please note, the publications section of your ORCID profile must be set to public! If you do not have an ORCID profile already, you can create one via - it's free and useful ; ) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Including your ORCID number will enable the MCAA to continuously stay up-to-date with your latest publications. By submitting this form, you explicitly consent to the seven points below. The MCAA may use an automated algorithm to analyze your publications, in order to: 1) seek your opinion as an expert of your field; 2) inform you of special opportunities that suit your profile (e.g. specialized workshops or funding calls); 3) match you with other alumni working on similar or complementary topics; 4) contact you via email with regards to any of the above. Please note, only public data from your public profile on ORCID will be processed. Your email address will be stored only on: 1) the media required by 'google forms'; 2) the servers of the MCAA website; 3) the storage media used for the software development of conSensus which are secured using AES encryption. You can unsubscribe from participating in conSensus at any time and your data will be deleted, by resubmitting this form with the same email address but entering "unsubscribe" instead of your ORCID ID. Thanks for your participation. Let's make a difference, together!
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