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Experiment with alternative Therapies

1. Strengthen your Immune System

Because foot warts are the result of a viral infection (HPV), it may be a sign that your immune system was not strong enough (at least temporarily) to fight the virus. So focus on strengthening your immune system if you want to get rid of foot warts naturally. For example, go to a dietitian, naturopathic, Chinese medicine practice or chiropractor to give your immune system a boost. Sleep more (or better), eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, consume less sugar (especially soft drinks), drink less alcohol, stop smoking and take care of your body if you want a stronger immune system.

Supplements that can strengthen your immune system include vitamin C and D, zinc, echinacea and olive leaf extract.

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2. Consider homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathy is a well-established approach against all kinds of symptoms and disorders in people of all ages, based on taking minute amounts of natural substances that actually work at vibration levels. Make an appointment with a homeopathic doctor, or buy the right homeopathic remedies at the health food store or natural drug store.

Substances recommended for foot warts include: thuja occidentalis, podophylline, sodium muriaticum and nitric acid.

Homeopathic Treatment
3. Smoke the Wart
Although it may sound crazy, an old Chinese method for treating warts uses a 'smoking box', filled with smoke from burnt leaves of Populus euphratica (poplar). This treatment method appears to be just as effective as conventional therapies, such as cryotherapy. The Populous euphratica is a type of poplar that occurs in many parts of the world, especially in China and the Middle East. If the leaves are burned, smoke is released that has antiviral properties (salicylates).

Search or buy leaves from the Populus euphratica, dry them and set them on fire in a controlled environment. Let them burn for a few minutes, and then cover them so that the flames die out due to lack of oxygen. Keep your foot about 15 cm from the smoldering leaves and let the smoke in your foot for at least 15 minutes, on the spot where the wart is.

Be careful not to burn your soles, by making sure that the flames are out and by not keeping your foot too close to the leaves.

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4. Medical Treatments
Consider cryotherapy

Cryotherapy (performed by your doctor, dermatologist or podiatrist) means that you destroy the warts by freezing them with liquid nitrogen, sprayed directly on the warts or applied with a kind of cotton swab. [9] Blisters are formed by the liquid nitrogen. the wart, which then turns black and falls off a few days later. Multiple treatments may be necessary to get rid of the foot wart, and it is not suitable for young children because it can be quite painful. That is why the GP sometimes sedates the site before he / she freezes the wart.

Consider a Stronger way to loosen the Skin
Cryotherapy leaves no scars, if it is done properly. Normal skin grows over it again and the dimple that is left on the site of the destroyed wart is filled up again.

Never apply liquid nitrogen to a wart yourself - leave this to a doctor. There are self-care products available at the drugstore to freeze warts, which are suitable for home use.

. Medications on prescription containing salicylic acid are usually more effective than self-care products because the solution is stronger. Your doctor or podiatrist applies it to the wart, but sometimes you also get it home to repeat it, so you break down the wart layer by layer. Research has shown that salicylic acid works even more effectively when combined with cryotherapy.

Because salicylic acid on prescription is more powerful, you should be careful not to spread too much on the healthy skin around the foot wart, because that can lead to a red and irritated skin.

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Ask for other resources to be applied locally
A known agent that can be applied to warts is cantharidin, a component that comes from the blister beetle. Cantharidine is a terpene - a toxic agent that causes blisters - causing the wart to burn from the skin. It is often used in combination with salicylic acid. The physician will apply the liquid with cantharidin and salicylic acid to the foot wart, after which it should be covered for about a week with bandage. There is a blister that eventually falls off, but there may be several treatments needed before the wart is completely gone.

Cantharidine is fatal if swallowed, and it is usually not given for home use.
The blister formed by cantharidine usually leaves no scar.

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