Refinery29's Feel Good Diaries
Thanks for contributing to R29's Feel Good Diaries!

Please fill in the information below, and then begin your week-long (seven days) daily diary. Ideally, you’ll have anywhere from 2-3 updates per day, and each should be no longer than 100-250 words. These updates should include everything you did to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing, and should include:

Fitness (classes, runs in the park, streaming workouts)
Food (meals, protein powders, meal delivery services, special diets and foods)
Supplements (vitamins, potions, powders)
Services (therapy, massages, cryotherapy, saunas, infrared sessions, acupuncture, and anything else)
Extras (meditation, candles, apps)

Please make each entry as detailed as possible, and include how it made you feel and any mishaps!

Please timestamp each daily update and share the costs à la Money Diaries.

You can see the first Feel Good Diary here:
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