ANC 1C Grant Application
Applicants can download, print, or view a full-text version of the grant application at the following link:

This form will be reviewed by ANC 1C to determine:
a. whether the grant funds would be used primarily to aid residents or organizations in the Adams Morgan ANC's geographic area;
b. whether funding is available to the applicant from other sources or if the grant seeks
to duplicate existing public or private services in the neighborhood or the District of
c. whether the applicant has sought funding from private sources;
d. whether the persons served by the grant have limited income or opportunity to obtain
the services or goods provided for in the grant as individuals;
e. the number of persons and the diversity of groups to be served by the grant;
f. whether the grant will serve the population as a whole or a limited number of persons;
g. whether the grant funds will be used to purchase items that will have a greater
frequency of use and/or longevity of use;
h. whether the applicant will use Adams Morgan and/or District of Columbia vendors and
or services to implement the purpose of the grant, unless those resources are
unavailable in the neighborhood or District of Columbia;
i. whether or not the grant funds will be used to purchase green products and services;
j. whether the grant will serve to better human well-being.

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