2018 International Festival Application for Participation
Deadline to sign-up is March 30th, 2018

International Festival will be held at Cornell Mall (east of SUB) of UNM Campus on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 from 10am-2pm.

1. Name of Student/Organization/Vendor: *
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2. What country/culture are you representing? *
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3. Name of main contact for the group *
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3. a) E-mail(s) *
Please make sure it is the quickest way to contact you or your group
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3. b) Phone number(s) *
Make sure to provide a phone number(s) where you can be reached at on the day of the festival
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Think of your favorite dish that you miss from home. The dish that all of your friends ask you to make for them. That’s what we want you to share at the festival!
• Serving supplies will be provided (serving trays, disposable plates, napkins, utensils etc.)
• Kitchen will be available for food preparation the afternoon prior to the event (April 11th) and the day of the festival (April 12th).
**Please see Food Serving Requirement for training information.**


What is a something you wished people knew about your culture? Please share that with the campus and community.
• Provide information that would change people’s impression/stereotype about your culture.
• Provide pictures to help people understand your culture better.
• Present information in creative ways, like poster boards, trivia, photo slideshows, etc.
• Avoid reading material as much as possible-use this time to interact with people and personally share your knowledge about your country.
• Sharing an information table with other countries from your region is highly recommended – so tell your friends.
All information booths will have tables, chairs, and a tablecloth provided.


Participants will have to provide detailed information about the performances they would like to present:
• All performances in need of amplified sound (microphones, stage, speakers, etc.) will need special permission so please let us know ahead of time so that we can arrange your time and equipment.
• Provide the time your performance will require and a small description of what your performance means in your country or for your culture.


Participants interested will be able to sell, or just show arts and crafts corresponding to each regional area or country during the festival.
• Please provide a small description of what your art & craft means or represents in your country.
Please sign up to help us with setup or take-down of the festival. More information will be provided when you sign up.

4. Type of participation in International Festival: *
You may choose more than one (e.g. both Food and Informational)
5. Please describe what you will be cooking/performing/presenting or selling: *
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If you plan to provide food you must attend the mandatory training session to receive a food serving permit. NO EXCEPTIONS. The training dates and times will be announced later.
Please initial below to confirm you understand the food serving requirement, if applicable to you or your group.
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Standard setup will include tables, chairs, and tent covering. All other equipment not listed must be provided. Access to electric outlets is limited and not guaranteed.
6. Do you have a tent for your booth? *
To assist us in lowering costs, please bring your own tent if possible.
7. Are you an Outside Craft Vendor (off-campus vendor)? *
8. PERFORMERS - Please indicate what equipment you will need:
***We can not guarantee that we can meet all requests or mega amplify sound. We also can not provide any musical instruments.***
For more information regarding sign ups, please contact geo@unm.edu
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