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Fill out this form to give us an initial idea of what you're looking for in a college. In addition to filling out this form, please email us:

* your most recent transcript
* your family's tax documents from 2016 (talk to us if you have an unusual situation, but you'll likely need to get this anyway to apply for financial aid)

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Financial Info
Many schools give significant financial aid based on your family's finances. While you won't know your actual financial aid offer until you're accepted, you can approximate what a particular school might offer you. Since this should be a factor in deciding which colleges you even apply to, we are asking some of this information now (eventually you'll need much more!).
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The factors I care about
Here we want you to give us space to tell us what is important you and what you care about. Say as much or as little about what you are excited about in college.
What are some academics you'd like in your school? *
Some things to consider: whether a school offer or is strong in particular majors, whether it's a tech school or a liberal arts school, whether it offers more advanced coursework like graduate classes, whether it's flexible in its requirements, whether it has research opportunities
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What are some non-academic factors that are important for you to have in a school? *
Some things you might want to consider: whether the school is in an urban or rural setting, whether it's far away from home or close, whether it's a CUNY, SUNY or private school, how diverse is the school, whether it's a Historically Black College or University, whether it's a single-gender school, club sports, student organizations you want to join, study abroad, school spirit, ROTC, what is dorm like.
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