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The Stanford ceramic club is a registered SAL student club with the goal of giving Stanford student a ceramics experience. As a student club our membership is restricted to currently registered Stanford students who are not post docs (Undergraduate or Graduate). There are still opportunities to be involved in our club though other means for currently registered students who are post docs and other Stanford affiliates, check out our involvement page for more information.
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A Stanford email address is required for membership
Are you a 1) currently registered student, 2) not a post doc? *
Previous college studio experience is extremely recommended before membership (though does not necessary need to be at Stanford). *
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Good Standing
Members are allowed to renew membership so long as they remain in good standing with the Stanford ceramic club. Please read the information below to learn how to stay in good standing.
We communicate with our members via e-mail, often including important information in the e-mail. How likely are you to read our e-mails? *
I doubt I will read your e-mails at all
I will carefully read them
The previously mentioned e-mails often include quarterly tasks, such as signing up for a volunteer group, or letting us know that you are still an active studio member. How long do you expect it would take you to attend to these matters?
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Members are each asked to complete various jobs around the studio to help keep the studio running. How likely are you to fulfill your volunteer commitment? *
I doubt I will fulfill any commitment
I will be sure to fulfill my commitments
The studio is completely member run, which means that it takes a lot of effort to make things happen. How likely are you to complain about things in the studio? *
Members are allowed 24 hour access to the studio, and supervise themselves during clean up. How likely are you to clean up your mess when you are finished? *
I often forget to clean up my own messes
I always do a good job cleaning up and often clean up more
Deposit style dues: I understand that quarterly studio dues is an investment into the studio space, and is not something I can get back if I end up not making time in my schedule to make it to the studio.
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