Indie Author Paperback Giveaway (Sept-2017)
* Was originally audio paperbacks...while I am still promoting books available in audiobook format, I will take any paperback as long as it's reasonably clean.

Open to: most genres except creepy horror and erotica. i.e. PG-13 rating. Tasteful romance, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, fantasy, and so forth.

- Mail 1-3 paperback books (can be 1 title or multiple) per author. Books must be received by August 7, 2017.

Mailing Address:
Attn: Julie Gilbert
P.O. Box 5265
Somerville, NJ 08876

- Don't fill out the form multiple times. If you want to send more than one book, just put that in the comments along with pertinent details. (genre)
- You may include a personal note to the winner.
- Each book can have a bookmark or postcard.
- You may include up to 10 bookmarks or business cards for inclusion in other boxes/prize packs. Please ask about other SWAG. my email: (pencils are okay, a keychain is okay, magnets are okay; 10 items total)
- Fill out this form.
- If possible, send suggested entry fee $3-5 (as a friend! Paypal info in Google form) to cover mailing costs and prizes.
paypal email:
- You’ll need to give me your email address and promise to help promote the giveaway.

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Second best fit for genre of book (in case I can't fit it with your first choice)
Approximately how much does your book weigh? (you can find this on your book's Amazon page)
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