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Hey! So you want to get a little Wired! Thanks for your interest in reviewing or streaming our games!

Please Note: Keys are often limited in number and we receive more requests than we’re often able to fulfil. There may be times when we can’t personally respond, however we will review each and every request and distribute keys where we can. Keys will be distributed based on ability to verify request, the frequency of content the channel is producing, alongside an inhouse evaluation of the channels audience.

Verifying Channel

Please use an official email address for the domain of the website or organization making the request. For those who do not have such an account (YouTubers, Twitchers etc) we’ll need to verify the email address by matching what is publicly available on your channel or exchanging a message through the channels official social media platforms.

Once you are verified, we’ll add you to our database so you don’t need to verify again.

Let's get started - you can access the press kit for all games at any time via http://bit.ly/WiredPR and make sure you're signed up to the Wired mailing list http://eepurl.com/cB_rRr

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