Contact form for new AGS Ideal Cut Elyque Oval
Please leave us the answers to the following questions if you are interested in the new Opulence Oval by August Vintage Inc.
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In the new ovals colors will face up whiter due to their optics. In the past I would never recommend lower than G for a white diamond however that will change. What color range do you desire to be in? *
Are you OK with fluorescence as long as it doesn't impact the transparency of the diamond? *
The new signature oval will do a GREAT JOB masking inclusions. :) What clarity range would you like? *
What budget range are you allowing for the diamond itself? *
We are anticipating 15-20 new diamonds each month as we build inventory. If you knew one was being cut in the specs you've outlined on this form would you be interested in leaving a deposit to secure it? *
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