Local Beef, Pork, Chicken - Help a Farmer Out During the Drought!
How the drought is affecting Utah Farmers. Please share this form with your neighbors, friends and family.

Calling all Utah and Idaho Families!!

The Food and Meat Co-op in Utah is trying to respond to a desperate cry by our local farmers.
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We have recently been contacted by numerous local farmers that need help. Due to the drought, they are all in a similar boat. They can no longer afford to keep raising animals and need to sell a lot of head of cattle (and pigs and chickens) soon.

We've been working with a handful (especially beef and pork) and one beef farmer is very dedicated to our group and almost being exclusive and so we want to take care of him and he is in the same boat and we had a 2-hour meeting with him a couple of weeks ago about this issue. But there are many others that have been sending us messages recently that need help selling their animals too.

Most grow their own feed/grass and are running out of feed/grass. They would then need to buy feed which has increased significantly in price (about $2ish in early 2021 to $4ish now and climbing) and the cost to keep the animals alive is hurting our farmers badly.

I know the cost of everything is on the rise and right now, they are selling for decent prices before they have to increase.
So we are going to start an interest form for those that may be interested in:
- Whole, half or quarter cows (Utah and Idaho) (approximately $3.50-$4.50 lb hanging weight, includes butcher and slaughter fees already)
- Whole or half pigs (Utah and Idaho)
- Utah pasture chickens

We are also thinking about trying to find some bulk freezer deals for the group for a dedicated meat freezer! Thoughts?!?

We will highlight some providers of local proteins that we already work with as they committed to us before it became a crisis to continue to support regularly and they will take priority in us helping, but we would love to help as many as we can!

Now let's hope the local produce farmers that we have made arrangements with over the past year don't have issues. First round of Utah produce is scheduled for August after getting with them LAST harvest to make these plans! 🙏
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