CREATE 2018 Post-Conference Survey
What was your main reason for attending this conference?
Did the conference fulfill your reason for attending?
Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following aspects of the conference
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Concurrent presentations
Proposal submissions process
Pre-conference registration process
On-site conference check-in
Hotel options
Food and beverage
Communication from/with conference organization committee
Please rate the quality of the Keynote Talks and Special Sessions.
N/A (Did not attend)
Thursday keynote, Chris Gareis
Thursday Q&A, Chris Gareis
Lunch with a smart cookie
Q&A panel for graduate students
Doc poster session
Friday keynote, Tom Guskey
Friday Q&A, Tom Guskey
Millman Award Luncheon, Eva Baker
Q&A, Eva Baker
Roundtable sessions
How would you describe your current professional role? Please select all that apply.
Please indicate your preference for conference program.
Will you attend next year's CREATE conference?
Please provide comments and suggestions for improving next year’s conference.
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Aside from the CREATE conference, what are some other ways that CREATE could provide value to your professional development and expertise?
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