"A World Worth Imagining" Translation Marathon - Non-Disclosure Agreement

Thank you for your interest and involvement in Linguistic Team International's development of translations for The Venus Project's "A World Worth Imagining" documentary. Due to copyright issues pertaining to pre-release public works, it is required that all participants agree to the terms below before participating with this important project:

1. All participation with "The Venus Project" and "Linguistic Team International" is made on a voluntary basis only.

2. All translation efforts used in final production of "A World Worth Imagining" will receive credit as having been created by "Linguistic Team International".

3. Prior to the public release of "A World Worth Imagining", any and all materials made available to you must be kept fully confidential and cannot be shared with anyone else without the explicit written consent of Ray (LTI Global Coordinator), "The Venus Project", or the S.O.U.L. Documentary team (Documentary Creator).

4. After "A World Worth Imagining" has been officially released to the general public (planned for ~ mid-November, 2019, although subject to change), volunteers may display the completed works in personal portfolios, resumes, websites, or any other public media, provided that the work is not modified in any way.

5. All volunteers are required to sign this Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement before participating.

By electronically signing this document, I am agreeing to all of the above terms.
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