Park(ing) Day
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Let your imagination run wild...
The project is seeking individuals, organizations and companies who want to creatively redefine an 8 x 16 foot vertical parking space in a way that encourages interaction with the community. These ideas have all been used at other Park(ing) Day events: a wedding ceremony, chess tournament, yoga sessions, interactive sculptures, a public back porch, a reading room, free bicycle repair shop, finger painting studio, swing sets, kite flying, giant yard games, etc. Participants are encouraged to set up promotional signage, transform the “floor” into a more comfortable and visually impressive space, to utilize outdoor décor and to provide seating, if your space can accommodate it for an impromptu gathering.

Registration deadline: Tuesday, September 3

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Please make sure you read the Park(ing) Day Requirements found at Registered groups will be contacted for their final designs and assigned their space prior to the event. Make sure to like and share the event through Downtown Partners - Sioux City Facebook page and promote via social media using #parkingdaySC. Please check for updates on the website and through social media prior to the event. The event will take place on Friday, September 20 from 10am-2pm. Set up can begin at 8am and will need to be torn down by 5pm. If you have any questions before then, please contact Downtown Partners at (712) 252-0014 or Michelle Bostinelos with SIMPCO at 279-6286.
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