Allan Robertson Grants for Research Students and Young Professionals 2021
The 2021 Allan Robertson Grants will be available for 1) research and management projects and 2) registration fees and travelling to the 16th International Peatland Congress in Tallinn, Estonia, 2 - 7 May (taking into consideration the development of the Covid-19 situation).

The Grants are awarded to:

a) young peatland and peat researchers carrying out research or practical work or
b) young professionals in early stages of their career in managing peatlands or peat industry.

Traditionally, the grants amount to € 500 and in 2021 at least 6 Grants are available.

Grant recipients are normally under the age of 30. Undergraduates are ineligible.

The winners of the grants will be announced latest in April 2021. Payment will be made by bank transfer according to receipts (registration confirmation/tickets).

Successful applicants are invited to provide a report on their project or work that will be published in the IPS magazine Peatlands International and/or give a presentation of it at an international IPS event at the latest 12 months after the grant funding has been paid to them.

Deadline 31 January 2021.

The International Peatland Society launched the Grants for Research Students and Young Professionals in Peatland Management in memory of Allan Robertson, First Honorary President of the IPS, in 2015.

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