Head Start Survey - Community Strengths
Community Assessment Survey - This survey was developed by Early Childhood Analytics (contact: vincerinehart@gmail.com). It is intended for Head Start parents, staff and community partners.
Name and contact information (optional)
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Which community do you live in?
Are you a Head Start parent, staff or other?
In your opinion, what are the strengths of the community where you live?
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Another way to ask the question above; please check those boxes that represent strengths in your community.
What are the challenges, issues and struggles in the community where you live?
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Please select those items that are issues, challenges and struggles for the community where you live.
In general, has the well being of people in your community improved, worsened or stayed the same over the past 5 years?
Please indicate the severity of the following issues and challenges for your household, whether these issues are from within in your household or experienced in the community.
Not a source of stress
Severe source of stress
Economic hardship
Lack of job opportunities
Alcohol addiction
Drug addiction
Domestic violence
Cost of housing
Lack of health services
Lack of dental services
Lack of mental health services
Sexual abuse
Lack of adequate childcare
Lack of educational opportunities for children
Lack of cultural activities/opportunities
Are there any unmet needs in your community?
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What sources of stress relief do you regularly use (such as activities or services in the community)?
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Community Assessment: Service Option Preferences
Please rate each service option below according to the ages of the child(children) in your family. Please use the 1-3 rating scale below to tell us how much you need each service described. Check the box next to the number that describes how you feel about each service.
Do you have any comments regarding the time of day or days of the week that Head Start services are needed most in your community?
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May your answers be cited in the Community Assessment and attributed to "a Head Start parent/staff/policy council member"?
May your answers be cited in the Community Assessment and attributed to the community in which you live?
May Head Start staff or consultants contact you with follow up questions or discussion about your responses?
Thank You!
Thank you so much for your participation in this Community Assessment survey! Your input is important to the Head Start program for planning future services.
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