Mentorology - Call for Campus Ambassadors
We believe in the power of knowledge, when shared it can do wonders. Therefore, to ensure that the maximum number of law students are benefited from our mentorship program, we need more people on board.

So, if you are someone with a generous bone in your body and wish to help fellow law students, classmates and future colleagues, we will be glad to have you on board as a campus ambassador.

Tasks for our Campus Ambassadors

We will never overburden you with work. These are just a couple of things, we expect you to do:

1. Sharing is caring: You will have to share our posters, LinkedIn and Instagram posts, our event brochures and videos through email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other platform.

2. Creating Awareness about the initiative

3. Complete other relevant tasks that will be allowed from time to time.


Mentorology is hiring 2 (two) Campus Ambassadors each from each college/university.

Perks for our Campus Ambassadors

● As a Campus Ambassador, you will get an opportunity to work in an organization that wishes to make law school life simple and easier, if not more. You also get to work with an awesome team with crazy ideas (sometimes), learn new skills, be innovative and get rewarded for it as well.

● Certificate of Appreciation: CA will receive a Certificate from us which will strengthen their CVs.

● Letter of Recommendation: LoRs will be given to the outstanding CAs helping them to boost their chances for scholarships and better job opportunities.

● Rewards: We believe in adding value to those who work with us. The CAs will get free enrolment to our Workshops or other events as a reward for their excellent performance.

● CA of the month will also get a spot on the Mentoring Batches where they will get a chance to be guided by leading professionals of the industry.
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