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Panels Registration Form
Thank you for choosing to do a panel for CoreCon! CoreCon is nothing without people like you. Fan panels and presentations are a popular and important part of our convention.

Please take the time to read this form carefully before filling it out. Some questions are addressed more fully later in the form. The more information you can give us, the better we are able to anticipate and meet your needs to make your presentation enjoyable and trouble free for you and your audience.

CoreCon will provide a video projector, sound system, tables and chairs. We cannot provide playback devices (e.g. computers, DVD players, iPods, etc.) We will try to provide any adapters or cords needed to interface your equipment with ours. If we anticipate any problems, our A/V Supervisor will contact you.

A CoreCon badge is not required to be a panelist. Temporary badges can be provided if you would like to just present a panel. If you would like to enjoy the rest of CoreCon, you would need to purchase a badge.
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Describe your panel. What will you be talking about? What will you be presenting? The more descriptive the better.
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Do you need a table? Do you not want any tables? Do you want the chairs removed?
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How many presenters will be speaking at your panel? *
Some people in your presentation may not need microphones e.g. models, dancers, etc.
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Will you be presenting any video during your panel? *
Will you be showing video clips, slide shows, etc.?
What device will you be showing your video from?
Will you be presenting any audio clips during your panel? *
e.g. music clips, sound clips, audio from a video
What device will you be playing your audio from?
Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accommodate compact discs.
Will live music be performed during your panel? *
If live music will be performed, what instruments will be used?
Please be specific. e.g. Electric guitar or acoustic guitar, not just "guitar".
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CoreCon may record your panel for use on our YouTube page. By submitting this form, you consent to CoreCon publishing the video. *
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