2018 Nova Scotia Sheep Producer Survey
Recently, the SPANS Board has starting working on a strategy to improve and increase sheep production in the province. As part of this, we are conducting a survey of producers to gather baseline information on production and marketing. This information is very important so we understand the complex structure of the industry and it can be used as we move forward. As part of this process, we will also be reaching out to producers to provide feedback on the strategy.
1. a) How long have you been in sheep production? *
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1. b) If less than 5 years, why did you decide to start sheep farming?
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1. c) If more than 5 years, how has your sheep operation changed over the past 5 years?
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2. Which County do you belong to? *
3. Over the next 2 years are you planning to: *
4. Over the next 5 years are you planning to: *
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