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• We understand the importance for my child(ren) to attend all mandatory rehearsals and performances to ensure the success of the organization as outlined in the calendar: Major Winter/Spring Concerts, Recording Sessions, Fundraising Concert, and SongFest. We also accept responsibility for informing the staff of any absences in a timely manner and ensure that our singer will be prepared for upcoming rehearsals by practicing sheet music and mp3 sound files if available. We acknowledge that absences are limited to 3 per semester and after these absences have been exhausted the ability to progress within the choir will be determined by the ChildrenSong of NJ staff. *
• We understand that cell phone usage is prohibited during rehearsals and must be turned off. Violation of the policy warrants confiscation of cell phone/iPod by the staff until the conclusion of rehearsal. Three violations during a semester will result in dismissal from the Choir. *
• We understand that behavioral problems will not be tolerated. A warning will be given to the chorister for the first offense. Parents will be contacted on the second offense. If the behavior is not improved after a consultation between the Director and the parents, dismissal from the Chorus will result. *
• We grant ChildrenSong of New Jersey, Inc., permission to record the image, likeness, and voice of my child(ren) via film, video, and audio recordings. I understand that these recordings will be used for publicity of ChildrenSong of New Jersey, Inc. Further, I grant permission for those recordings to be made and used without compensation. *
• We understand that notebooks must be kept in perfect condition throughout the course of the year. Singers are not permitted to “doodle” on the music or notebook. If a notebook is damaged, the parent and singer must purchase a new one and bring it to the next rehearsal. Damage to sheet music, including water damage, will result in a replacement fee for the original sheet music. The only writing in the sheet music itself should be musical markings in pencil only. There will be a $25 replacement fee for lost, damaged or unreturned music at the end of the semester. *
• We fully understand the strong commitment to ChildrenSong and the need to commit to at least the first full semester, for which we are registered. After that, we must notify Ms. Murray before the end of the semester if we wish to discontinue membership and return the binder. *
We understand that there is a ChildrenSong handbook available for review on the website in the Parent Section. *
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