Hey Oakland, Please Help Us Identify Missing Muralist Information!
Please refer to the following PowerPoint that contains murals missing artist information in Oakland
 : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1F_jO3elv_SiYdlJKBfgLLcktxW-gM7wBKPl34wMm72g/edit#slide=id.p

Your response is urgently requested.

The murals and artworks in downtown Oakland and in other locations throughout the community have been created as a form of protest and activism directed toward systemic police brutality and racism and the outright murders of Black people. These artworks are artifacts of a social justice movement and carry with them important stories and context. Therefore, the effort to document, preserve and present this protest art is not simply an art initiative; it is part of the movement and represents an effort to seek solutions to injustice and racism.

The East Oakland Black Cultural Zone Collaborative and the Black Cultural Zone Community Development Corporation (collectively the Black Cultural Zone or the BCZ), along with other Black-led organizations and Black artists, are leading an effort to hold the conversation and frame a path forward, which will include working with artists to re-mount ongoing exhibitions. The Oakland Museum of California, Oakland Art Murmur, and a host of allies have joined this effort and have committed to support the Black Cultural Zone’s goal of lifting Black voices in the pursuit of justice and equality.  

Please use this form to help us identify who the artist of a specific piece is, or the location if it says it is "unknown." As symbols of the movement and part of a larger story, every effort will be made to identify and contact the artist in order to secure their support for the preservation, documentation, and presentation effort.

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