Joy Victoria Coaching Questionnaire
This is a binary questionnaire. That means you can only input YES or NO answers. This was done on purpose to make using the answers for data, easier. But, life isn't so black and white! Given this, if you are UNSURE of an answer or feel it is NOT QUITE a yes, than please answer NO. Click yes ONLY when you are completely sure your answer is a YES. If you are unsure or want to put "sometimes" than please click no. The form is designed to leave as little room for "maybes" or "sometimes", but hey, life is not that orderly. If you want to clarify an answer, please do so through email.
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How much do you currently weigh in pounds?
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What is your body mass index (BMI)? (If unsure, go to this website to calculate your BMI:
What is your normal resting heart rate in the morning, before consuming caffeine?
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Are you medically cleared to exercise?
What is your primary fitness goal? (Pick one, even if you want all three)
In your own words, what does being "fitter" and "stronger" mean to you?
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