Oz Comic-Con 2018 Workshop Stage Application Form
The Workshop Stage is ideal for up close demonstrations and hands-on workshops in a theatre style setting.

Filling out an application does not guarantee you a workshop. There are a limited number of spaces available at each Oz Comic-Con and due to the overwhelming number of applications we can only select a certain amount per show.

The space will have the following available to you:
1. Top down camera (adjustable) with a link up to two (2) television screens
2. 50 - 70 seat capacity presentation space
3. Theatre style seating (NOT classroom Style)
4. 1 table & 2 chairs at the front of the space
5. HDMI link (To link up a computer if required)

If you have any questions about the space or the application please email michelle@reedpop.com.au. All applications will be responded to at least one (1) month prior to the event via e-mail - so keep an eye out!

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