Sacred Surrender 2019
Join us for our unique women’s only spiritual immersive retreats that bring a multi-layered approach to creating a new way of thinking, being and living.
Women's Immersive Retreat
We are coming together as like-minded souls to discover a higher calling; to find and live our truth, clarity, confidence, and purpose.

There will be transformative and restorative guided practices, intuitive energy and bodywork sessions, life coaching, insight building, soul connecting as well as clean nourishing food and time to restore and relax.

We will explore the ways of connecting to our souls true purpose to sustain a life of value and meaning.

Explore Habits
'How we do anything is how we do everything.'

Awareness is the path to transformation. By examining our existing habits we hold the key to personal growth and lasting change.

Re-Connect with Sacred Islamic rituals
'The quality of your life is in direct relationship to your habits and rituals.'

We’ll take a deep dive into the fundamentals of our Islamic practices:
• Dhikr • Dua • Salat • Quran • Fasting •

Practice the art of Surrender
Surrender is the pinnacle of evolved and enlightened behavior. Surrender allows us to step into our lives ready to receive. Surrender is the space where everything starts to shift.
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