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These questions will help us get an idea of how you fit into the culture of RLUCC. Your responses won't be shared with anyone outside the RLUCC Board!
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What is your present occupation? If student, list your year and field of study.
What experience do you have at camp as a camper, counsellor, or staff member? Where and when? *
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Please describe any experience you have related to camp. (babysitting, Sunday School teacher, volunteer, youth leader, etc.) *
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Public Speaking
Creating and Sharing Presentations
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Describe your leadership style. Give examples. *
What are some actions you would take to promote RLUCC in the period leading up to the camping season? *
RLUCC is a smoke-, alcohol- and drug-free camp. Would you have any difficulty with this policy? *
In filling out this question, bear in mind that this is a United Church camp. As a prospective employee, we would hope that you could make some significant contribution to the Christian emphasis within the camping program and to the campers. In what ways do you see yourself contributing to this emphasis? *
Is there anything else you feel would assist us in assessing your application?
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