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The Great Naval Battle of 2016 (AKA the Valentine's Day Shipping Contest)
Do you have some RDD ships? It's time to let them sail! And do battle! Fill out this survey for a chance to have your ships sail all over the comic's website for Valentine's Day. The winning ship will be drawn as a full color illustration. Second place will be drawn as a colored pencil sketch and the third place ship will be drawn as a black and white sketch.

Hopefully you know the names of the characters you ship, but just in case you forgot, here is a list of all of the characters that have been tagged in current (November 2016) comic history! Minus redundant tags and characters that haven't been physically shown yet: Amélie, asshole naga from the Masquerade, Astrid (you know, that other human from the past), automotons (Amélie's), Babblell, Bruno, Calixte, carriage driver, cat ninjas, Chester, Dragon Lad, Elvi, Faeries, Frank, Freya (Amélie's tall party guest), goons (belonging to asshole naga), Haose, Jin Drale, Kadri (Amélie's naga party guest), Kiara (Amélie's drow? party guest), Mara, Michael, Mr. Auctionier, Romeo, Tabitha, Teady, The Ancients, Tofu, Tristin, vampire goons (the two that aren't specifically Chester)

Voting will be open until February 1st and the results will be posted on Valentine's Day!

First Choice OTP
The one true pairing. This is the ship you will sail into battle. You live and die by this ship. You will go down with this ship.
Your answer
Secondary Ship
Right hand ship to the OTP. Maybe not as fast or equipped with as many cannons, but dependable and dear to your heart.
Your answer
Tertiary Ship
Bronze metal ship. Better than runner up or participant ribbon ship.
Your answer
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