GA Business Leaders Oppose HB 481
We need business leaders across every industry to make your voices heard today. Add your name to urge every Georgia lawmaker to vote NO on HB 481 and let's ensure the health of Georgia's women and the health of Georgia's economy.


To: Georgia General Assembly

We write to express our opposition to House Bill 481. The bill would take Georgia backwards by forcing an unconstitutional ban on abortion and senselessly distract from the health crises facing our state. Under Governor Nathan Deal’s administration, Georgia cultivated a strong brand as the premier home for talented workers, growing businesses, entrepreneurial innovation, and a thriving film and tech industry by implementing equitable policies and rejecting harmful legislation. Becoming the state with the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws takes Georgia in the wrong direction.

Businesses and employees choose their location based on where they will feel safe and free to make the best decisions for themselves. Bodily autonomy is a baseline issue and for Georgia’s economy to grow, women – ​who are half of the workforce​ – must have access to the healthcare services they need. Without access to baseline healthcare, women would have justifiable cause to look elsewhere for employment, harming Georgia’s ability to recruit and retain talented workers.

Georgia already faces a real healthcare crisis, including the worst maternal mortality rate in the nation, which is four times higher for black women than for white women. Over half of Georgia’s counties do not even have an OB-GYN. This bill would exacerbate these serious problems, creating more barriers to care and driving doctors away from Georgia. This bill will worsen our provider shortage, access to maternal care, and maternal mortality rates.

HB 481 is blatantly unconstitutional and will lead to costly litigation, costing taxpayers millions. This proves the state of Georgia is being irresponsible with taxpayers dollars during a time when taxpayers want an increase in healthcare access.

We sign this open letter in opposition to House Bill 481 and strongly urge every Georgia lawmaker to vote NO.

In Solidarity,

Business Leaders across Georgia

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