Short Story a Day Challenge
January and August 2021

We're going to build momentum together! Write on stream, have fun, and fuel your creative bug.

If you don't have an idea what your short stories will be? Not a problem. Daily writing prompts will be shared by our streamers, on and to keep you inspired to keep writing.

We are also releasing a guide for the challenge so you can write off line too!

Challenge Requirements:
Write a short story every day.
Short Story Defined by writing a complete story between 1000 words and 15,000 words
Genre is open to whatever you want to write
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Participating Writing Streamers and Content Creators
If you want to stream about the short story challenge we would love to have you!

If you want to use your stream to encourage others through the challenge we want to highlight you before the event begins. You'll receive a follow up email with questions that will facilitate that. We will need an image, logo, or icon to go with it.

You will be featured on The Writing Network and shared across social media. We will also be forwarding a stream schedule form so we can plan out 31s31d and any stream lobbies we need.

You'll be asked to be at your scheduled times, be positive, and do what you do as a writing streamer - have fun!
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