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Thanks for being interested in joining Plane & Pilot ATC, a club for experienced training server ATC members that want to control at our events! To join, please fill our this form containing a few questions and a short ATC test to make sure to qualify for this position. If you meet the requirements and pass the test, we will contact you to invite you to the team. If you have any questions, be sure to contact Kian Abbasi or PlaneCrazy on IFC.
What is your IFC username? *
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Just a few questions to make sure you fit the qualifications
Link to ATC practice thread on IFC *
We require that you have an ATC practice thread on IFC with positive feedback
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What is your ATC operations count? *
We require you have at least 250 ATC operations in Infinite Flight
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Are you over 12 years of age? *
You are required to be 12 or older
How often will you be able to control at our events? *
Usually on Saturdays and Sundays between 1400Z and 2400Z
There are a total of 5 questions here, each is worth 20 points. Pass with a score of 80 or higher and you can join! If you get lower than 80 points, you can retake it in one week.
When should you clear an aircraft that has requested takeoff?
An aircraft has just departed runway 32, remaining in the pattern behind 2 other aircraft. What instructions should you give him and in what order should they be given?
The earliest you should clear an aircraft holding short of the runway for takeoff is when the aircraft before it has:
N202PC has announced inbound on ILS, runway 09L. What should your first instruction be?
What is the earliest an aircraft can be given a frequency change
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