Grade 12 Scheduling Request Form 2020-2021
Read all instructions completely:

Each student MUST have eight courses in his or her schedule each semester. Students will choose one English, one Math, one Science, and one History course. All other classes in a student's schedule will be made up of elective courses. We cannot guarantee that a student will receive all of her or his top choices, but every effort will be made to match a schedule with a student's choices. If a student does not complete a Scheduling Request Form, the form will be completed for that student.

ALL items are REQUIRED. This means that you must complete EVERY item on this form. For example, if you are NOT a Band member, you MUST mark NA under the Band item to submit your form.
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Student Name (First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name) *
Core Classes
All students MUST choose 1 English, 1 Math, 1 Science, and 1 History course.

PreAP and AP versions of each core course are advanced versions of that course and move much more quickly. Additionally, PreAP and AP courses often have summer work components. Admission to a PreAP or AP course roster is dependent upon teacher acceptance to be determined at a later date. If you are interested in AP, choose the AP version of the course you would like to take. You will be notified by the AP teachers when you have been accepted in that course.

Dual Enrollment courses require special permissions including admission to Gadsden State Community College and required tuition for GSCC. Students wishing to take these courses can request them and then speak to a counselor or Mr. Clevenger for guidance.
All students MUST choose 1 English. If you choose to pursue dual enrollment, you MUST meet the GSCC requirements, AND you MUST sign up for BOTH English 101 AND 102. *
All students MUST choose 1 Math. *
All students MUST choose 1 Science. *
All students MUST choose your History courses: .5 credit of Government and .5 credit of Economics. If a student chooses to take standard Government, she or he MUST also choose standard Economics. If a students chooses to take AP Government, he or she MUST choose AP Macro Economics. *
In addition to a student's Core Classes, that student will take up to 3 additional elective courses during 11th grade.

Band counts as 2 elective courses.

Athletic PE counts as 2 elective courses.

Career Tech counts as 3 electives, and the student will take her or his math at the CTC.

Courses preceded by an asterisk below have required prerequisite courses that must have been taken BEFORE a student can request them.

Additionally, Everyone will choose 3 First-Choice Electives and 3 Second-Choice Electives. We will build your schedule based upon these choices.

We cannot guarantee that any student will get all of his or her top choices, but every effort will be made to match a student's schedule with his or her choices.
Band: If you are a Band student, choose 2 Band courses below. ALL students will choose Marching Band. Additionally, choose EITHER Symphonic Band OR Wind Ensemble based upon your classification. If you are NOT a Band student, choose NA for this item. *
Athletic PE: If you are a member of the Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, OR Wrestling teams, choose BOTH Strength & Conditioning AND your sport for this item. If you are NOT a member of the teams listed above, choose NA for this item. *
Career Tech Center (CTC)
The Etowah County Career Tech Center offers many hands-on courses that supplement our main campus courses. Our students choose to take electives and a math course while at the CTC. If you are in the Band or a Sport listed above, you will choose to go to CTC in the morning. All other CTC students are sent in the afternoon. Please check the appropriate item below.
If you are interested in attending our Etowah County Career Tech Center for courses, choose ONE of the time options below for this item. If you choose to attend the CTC, you will also indicate that choice on the First-Choice Electives item and the Second-Choice Electives item below. If you are NOT interested in attending the CTC, choose NA. *
Choose your top 4 choices as First-Choice Electives *
Choose 4 more courses as your Second-Choice Electives. *
Are you wanting to Dual Enroll at GSCC? If so, what courses? ACT requirements for GSCC Dual Enrollment: English 101 and 102: Minimum ACT score - 18. Math 112: Minimum ACT score - 20. If you do not want to Dual Enroll, type "NA". *
Add any notes for Mrs. Vice here: If you do not have anything to say, type in "NA". *
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