It's #CampTime! Join CRB's Rosh Omanut, Laura Nova to have some fun with watercolors on Friday, July 3rd at 10am! Register below to receive a Zoom link.

Note: to participate in this activity, you'll want to gather the following things:

Paper: thicker paper like watercolor paper is best, but copy paper, cardboard, recycled paper will also work

Gouache or watercolor paint: if you don’t have paint, look in your kitchen for food coloring, blueberries, tea bags, coffee grounds, spices… you can paint with these instead! You can also make your own watercolor before the class using materials from your kitchen. (https://happyhooligans.ca/homemade-watercolour-paints/)

Paintbrushes: if you don’t have a brush, Q-tips, old toothbrushes, or paper towels will work. Or make your own brush at home.

Black pen: ideally with a few different thicknesses

Washcloth or tablecloth to protect your painting surface

Hairdryer or handheld fan to help speed up the paint drying process. (Optional)

Contact Didi Kalmanofsky at didi@ramahberkshires.org with any questions!
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