Mobility on Demand Poll
The program will operate just like uber and lyft meaning that you will be able to book anywhere in the county as soon as you need it. The service would be provided by OCPT , the service will have an app that would allow you to book the trip, paid for it, and receive ETA information including information about the driver and the make and model of the car. The car will be marked to ensure that the passenger is getting into the correct vehicle.
If Orange County Public Transportation provided an "Uber/Lyft" type of service would you use it? *
Where are you likely to go with this service? *
How much would you like to pay one - way? *
When are you likely to use this service? *
What time would you like use this service? *
Do you have a "smart phone" that can download an app to book trips? *
Do you have credit card that you would use to pay for the trip within the app? *
Are you willing to share your ride with someone else? *
How likely are you to use this service and recommend this to friends and family? *
Not at all
Very Likely
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