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Form to collect contact, interest, and skill-set information from new members.

Due: September 29th 11:59pm

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You will be informed any time this is done, and with whom it is shared.
Current Year of Study *
Which Mechanical Engineering Option are you currently enrolled in? *
If in first year, please select your intended specialization. If you are in another faculty, fill in the "other" option.
Are you interested in partaking in a 2nd or 4th Year Capstone Project sponsored by BCIT Racing this year? *
If your answer is yes, please have your planned project group send us an email (
Do you have machine shop experience? *
Lathe, Mill, etc
Do you have welding experience? *
Do you have SolidWorks 3D Modelling experience? *
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At a minimum, how many hours per week – on average – do you feel you can contribute to BCIT Racing *
These hours are flexible, but timelines and schedules must be adhered to.
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