Member Registration Form
Form to collect contact, interest, and skill-set information from new members.

Due: September 29th 11:59pm

Preferred First Name (Nickname)
First Name
As registered with BCIT
Cellphone Number
May be used only for informal team communication
Last Name
As registered with BCIT
Preferred Email
To be used for ALL formal team communication. You are required to check this daily. You may be required to register a G-Mail account.
Student Number
Please include A00, ie "A00123456"
Does BCIT Racing have authority to disclose your First and Last Names, Phone Number, E-Mail, and Student Number to BCIT, SAE, and/or other team members?
You will be informed any time this is done, and with whom it is shared.
Current Year of Study
Which Mechanical Engineering Option are you currently enrolled in?
If in first year, please select your intended specialization. If you are in another faculty, fill in the "other" option.
Are you interested in partaking in a 2nd or 4th Year Capstone Project sponsored by BCIT Racing this year?
If your answer is yes, please have your planned project group send us an email (
Do you have machine shop experience?
Lathe, Mill, etc
Do you have welding experience?
Do you have SolidWorks 3D Modelling experience?
Do you have Solidworks Simulation experience?
At a minimum, how many hours per week – on average – do you feel you can contribute to BCIT Racing
These hours are flexible, but timelines and schedules must be adhered to.
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