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We invite you to apply to be a speaker at Oregon Math Leaders 2023. OML will be at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR on Thursday, July 20th through Saturday, July 22nd. Sessions are 90 minutes and the theme is "Connect the Dots". We look forward to reading your proposal as we prepare for OML 2022. Responses should be submitted by March 1, 2023.  You will receive further information after proposals are chosen later this spring. Thank you for your interest in presenting at OML 2023!
Please email the co-chairs with any questions at
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This year's theme is "Connect the Dots".

Three workshop strands and one overarching conference theme.

Strand 1: Ambitious Classrooms, or how students interact with the content of mathematics. This strand is for workshops that will promote mathematical learning communities based on inclusion, diversity, equity and access. Examples: productive discussions, rigorous discourse, math mindsets, math anxiety, formative assessment, alternative assessment, habits of participation, culturally responsive teaching.

Strand 2: Principled Instruction, or how teachers explain and present the content of mathematics. This strand is for workshops that will present practical teaching strategies around the nuts & bolts of designing and delivering math lessons.  Examples: open tasks, purposeful practice sets, cognitive load theory, worked examples, retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving, variation theory, explicit instruction.

Strand 3: Authentic Mathematics, or how teachers and schools organize the content of mathematics. This strand is for workshops that will dive deeper into understanding current trends in curriculum design and unit planning. Examples: data reasoning, modeling, real life math, dynamic geometry software, "2+1" options, detracking.

-We seem to know more than ever about the art of teaching and science of learning, yet we have few determinate answers in mathematics education. Variation seems to be the only rule. The large number and variety of strategies is an opportunity. Each strand above is a chance for a diverse range of potential/returning OML campers to look at a different level of math education. However, we know and look forward to math leaders weaving the strands together, thus making connections between how we organize mathematics into standards/ courses/ units, how we present mathematics within a lesson through our verbal explanations and printed/ projected materials, and how we expect students to think about, discuss, and do the mathematics. From big picture to minutiae. From progressive ideas to traditional ones. From k to 16. From counting to Calculus. From Ashland to Ontario. Oregon Math Leaders connect the dots. OML 2023."

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