Avalon Expo 12 Summer Comic Con Vendor/Artist/Author Signup
Thank you tremendously for the interest and support. :)
Avalon Expo is a unique event and a long time part of the culture of our community.

REMEMBER: There are folks who will comment on the posts on social media claiming to offer tables - these are not official posts from us. We delete them when we see them, but Facebook, etc. doesn't always let us know when people comment. WE DO NOT BOOK TABLES OVER SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENTS OR CHATS.
Only with this form.
Email correspondence will mostly be with jeffpower@gmail.com
Email payments is at payments@avalonexpo.com
Square invoices come from Square.

Avalon Expo 12 Summer Comic Con is booked for Friday-Sunday, July 5-7, 2024 at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, 115 Cavendish Square, St. John's, NL, Canada

Avalon Expo 13 Fall Comic Con is booked for Sat-Sun, Nov. 16-17, 2024 at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, 115 Cavendish Square, St. John's, NL, Canada

Booking both now together and paying quickly earns a 20% discount off the Fall pricing (which has also been lowered from AvEx 11).

Folks will be able to select their tables from the set table layout (some tables are pre-blocked), in the order they pay for them. So signing up early, then being approved and paying early means you choose your tables early. We may have to adjust the layout, but will do our best not to. Choosing tables for Summer and also booking Fall will mean you should also get that space in the Fall (barring any reason we need to reconfigure the layout).
The hotel doesn't have enough of a single table type to have a single table type, however 6x2.5 foot tables are the expected size.
Vendor application is open until space sells out, then folks are waitlisted.

Our events are (in alphabetical order):
Atlanticon (Corner Brook) Comic Con
Avalon Expo (St. John's) Comic Con
Burin Expo (Marystown) mini comic con
c.dot con (Clarenville) mini comic con
Grand Falls-Windsor Comic Con mini comic con

This is a geeky-themed event and we're looking for geeky-themed vendors, makers, artists, crafters, authors, etc.
Generative AI material is not permitted. Doing so can end up in a ban.
Reselling of other folks artwork not purchased from the original artist/without their permission is not permitted. Doing so can end up in a ban.
No direct sales/MLM.

Vendors, artists, small publishers, and local small businesses (full weekend):
Table and chairs

Half of an 8x3 table (4x3): 73 (This is one-half side of a table. Also consider how many folks could comfortable sit at a space 4 feet in width. Please ask if you are uncertain.)

(General table size is a minimum of 6 feet by a minimum of 2.5 feet.)
First table: 121
Second table: 135
Third table: 153
Guaranteed wall table, with extra spacing: 235 each (limited quantity available)
Plus HST (15%)

If you add the Fall tables now, the special additional pricing is as follows:
Half table: 67-20%=53.60
First table: 111-20%=88.80
Second table: 124-20%=99.20
Third table: 142-20%=113.60
Guaranteed wall table: 225-20%=180
Plus HST (15%)

Authors can sign up for a table, but we also will have a local guest author table where local authors rotate through the weekend that may or may not be a better option.

Corporate tables can be considered as part of a partnership.

Vendors must staff their tables during vendor hours for each day of the event they book and are expected to be there until the end of the vendor hours without leaving early.

Payment can be made via either email to payments@avalonexpo.com or we'll send a Square Invoice payable by credit card or Afterpay

***Payments are non-refundable***
If we have to cancel your booking we will issue a refund.

All vendors must adhere to convention rules outlined on our website including the anti-harassment and anti-bullying policy.

Avalon Expo is an all-ages event. Any items with a mature or adult theme would need to be set up in a way not accessible/visible to minors. Refusal to remove items may result in expulsion from the convention. If this should happen no refund will be issued for fees paid.

Illegal items for sale will result in expulsion from the convention without refund of fees paid.

Things cannot be attached to the walls.

All materials must stay within your allotted space and not interfere with pathways or other vendors' areas.
If you need more space than fits in a single table, you need to book an additional table and just ask for no table. Such as clothes racks, etc.

Sale of weapons must be approved by Avalon Expo prior to the convention. If during the convention you are found to be selling weapons that you did not identify on your vendor application you may be asked to leave the convention without refund of fees paid.

Vendors who wish to sell food need to mention so in this application. If they show up with baked goods and didn't apply to be a food vendor with them they can not sell them.

Generative AI material is not permitted.

Each vendor space will be entitled to two badges. Badges are required to gain access to the venue during vendor setup times through the event. Badges are transferable between staff throughout the event but all staff will need a badge at all times they are in the venue. If more than two staff members are needed additional passes can be available.

Vendors cannot sublet/share their space without approval from Avalon Expo (sharing a table is encouraged - but let us know).

Vendors must adhere to the requirements of the venue as well.

Questions? Email:

Thank you tremendously for your support and interest. :)
We want everyone to have fun and do well.
The Avalon Expo team
The legal name of the corporation which Avalon Expo is a part of is:
Tanoshimi Creative Corporation
HST 76231 6065 RT0001
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