DeKalb ISD parent survey - March 2020
This survey is being used to gather information to be able to provide alternative methods of instruction for your child. We would like to make sure we have your current contact information and find out what instructional methods would work best and what you might need during this time.
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Parents name: *
Parent's current mailing address: *
Parent's phone number: *
What electronic device(s) can your child(ren) use at home to do school assignments (check all that apply): *
Do you have internet access at home: *
Would you be able to come by the school to PICK UP your child's work? When will let you know as soon as we have their work ready. *
How would you prefer to SEND BACK work to the teacher, if your child's work is not online? *
Since we don't know at this point how long we will be out of school, is there anything that we could provide that would be helpful? (paper, pencils, conference calls with teachers, etc.)
Child #1's FIRST and LAST name: *
Child #1's grade: *
How would you prefer to receive this child's work? *
Would you like breakfast and or lunch for your family each day (one pickup time)? *
If so, how many meals do you need (including children and parents):
Would you have trouble picking up meals at the school? *
During this time do you have any needs or concerns that the school might be able to help you with? PLEASE FILL OUT AN ADDITIONAL SECTION PER CHILD - IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHILD YOU CAN SKIP TO THE END AND SUBMIT. *
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