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Fourth Quadrant Partners, LLC (4QP) has published a research study, "A Whole Greater than Its Parts," that explores how emergence contributes to the long-term impact of complex social change initiatives. Our interest in learning of additional examples continues. Please use this form to share a program or initiative that exemplifies emergence; specifically, where

* Ideas and solutions have emerged from the interactions of people doing the work, whether they are funders, grantees, partners, beneficiaries, or a combination of these
* The path a successful program or initiative took could not have been predicted in advance by any of these players
* Ideas and solutions continue to evolve -- to “get smarter” -- over time, even perhaps after the program or initiative is done and the funding goes away?

You may share more than one program; but please fill out one form for each. WARNING: Do not use your browser's BACK arrow. There will be a link on the confirmation page for submitting an additional answer.

For more information about the research, please visit or email Thank you.
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