Teachers' Network Conference 3.0
It's our annual gathering of teachers, school administrators, consultants and school heads -
The Teachers' Network Conference. Now in our second year and 3rd gathering, we are ready to receive educators from all over the country as we did in our first and just concluded second year.

This year, our focus is on The SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD. It is our goal to equip educators along specific aspects of learning and physical disabilities or disorders as concerns the children we teach.

You are required to pick a STREAM of content you'd like to learn.

Please select either STREAM A, STREAM B or STREAM C. Each one has a stipulated list of content you must adhere to as your choice. Please see all STREAMS and pick ONLY ONE.

The general sessions are open to everyone. You are expected to participate fully in them.

Thank you for choosing to come on the exciting world of disabilities and inclusion.

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Teachers' Network Conference 3.0
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