Newport Wormit B946 Sustrans 777 NFC Survey Shorter version
This quick survey asks you about your experiences cycling along this route in 2019. North Fife Cycling (NFC) have been asked to join a small discussion meeting later this week about this section of road and your views will help us sample a wider set of opinions. Of course this is not a detailed piece of research (with a random sample of people) cycling this route but getting as wide a range of views as possible with be helpful. Thank you for your time. You can follow North Fife Cycling by becoming a supporter (free) by contacting or joining the Cycle North Fife facebook page.
A few photos are included to link to the sections along this route.
How often do you cycle any part of this road between the Tay Road Bridge car park area and the far edge of Wormit
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When do you cycle any part of this route (tick all that apply)
Who do you cycle with (tick any that apply)
Reasons for Cycling here (tick all that apply)
About yourself (Age and Cycling links)
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