Rudolph's Snow Capades

Event Dates:
December 01- December 27, 2020

Rudolph and his reindeer buddies wanted to have some playtime before that LONG workday ahead, so ECE built them the Snow Capades!!   What you will find is a winter wonderland with Amazing Designers nestled around an ice skating rink as a horse-drawn sleigh drives by showing off their designs. There will be an advent calendar, cuddle spots, blogger photo spots as well as so much more. 

We have -
10 Sponsor spots
10 Vendor spots
10 Tree vendor spots.

There will be a waiting list (each response is numbered so it's on a first come first serve basis).

The business stuff-

We want everyone to be able to participate. with the year this has been Rudolph knows lindens are tight!

Pricing: Please read before joining no refunds will be given.

Rudolph's Sponsor Package: The cost will be 550L, 25 prims, 1 gacha machine, and one tree vendor (holds one item). You will have an option to purchase an additional 1 gacha machine for 25L and/or 2 tree vendors for 25L. Sponsor Gacha machines can be on the "porch" area of the Sponsor booth. Your Logo will be on all advertising materials.

Rudolph's Vendor Package: The cost will be 350L, 15 prims, You will have an option to purchase 1 gacha machine for 25L and/or 2 tree vendors for 25L.

Rudolph's Tree Vendor Package: The cost will be 2 trees 50L, Each tree is a vendor board and will be scattered throughout the area.

If there are enough Gacha and tree's we will have a special area if not we'll make sure yours are seen don't worry!

Rudolph's Rules (he made these up not us!):

1) For this event you will need one themed exclusive item (anything Winter/Christmas related, your choice!). Item can be new OR a recolored of a previous creation (Rudolph isn't all that picky). During the event, the exclusive can't be available anywhere else until the event is over (Rudolph is kinda picky about that). Gacha items can be whatever you want except Exclusive items (rares, no rares the sky is the limit)

2) Optional Free gift at the event (It is the holiday season). It is optional ~ Your box.

Event Rules:
1) We require that all merchants have at least (1) exclusive items for this event. The exclusive item should not be included in your gacha machine.
2) We require that your exclusive item be displayed for the entire event and not sold elsewhere during the event.
3) Gacha items- Must be transfer/no copy (so customers can resell duplicates!)
4) Event sign must be rez at your store locations once accepted and remain until the event is over.
5) You will need space for two groups Exceptionally Creative Events and ECE Holdings (ECE Holdings is for vendor communications only  You will be able to invite your VIPs to our main group to send out notices!), please keep in mind ECE Holdings is by invite only. Times and dates of rez ability will be posted in group notices as we get closer to the event.
6) We are asking everyone to reduced script usage at the event. Please keep in mind the only script we are allowing for this event are: Vendor Scripts (Networked - such as MD, Casper.. etc.), split scripts, gacha scripts, and landmark givers. Not allowed at the event: Scripted decor, subscribers, group joiners, note givers, floating text, and greeters. Those items will be returned.
7) All prims must be located on the inside of your store / designated space. We will place your logo on the outside.
8) All merchants must adhere to the timeline, with no exceptions. If issues do arise please contact a member of the ECE Staff and we will assist you.

Important please read!

Any items that violate TOS is not allowed (it is forbidden to use images that have the copyright). If found during the event the object will be returned immediately and without notice or refund.

If unsure please visit Linden Labs website: (

Rudolph's Snow Capades - TBA
Brief timeline information:
November 15, 2020 ~~~~~~~~ Applications Close Acceptance notices will be sent out as soon as you are
November 16, 2020 ~~~~~~~~ Fees are due today, (Sponsors please send in your LOGO with your payment,)
please do not pay until you have been accepted.
November 23, 2020 ~~~~~~~ Vendors Set up (other parts of the sim may be in build status)
November 29, 2020~~~~~~~ Walkthrough if Vendor isn't set up (without notice to ECE staff) they will be
removed, no refund.
December 01, 2020 ~~~~~~~~ Event Starts
December 27, 2020 ~~~~~~~~ Event Ends

~ Please adhere to the time it is imperative.
~ We will do a walk and make sure the event is ready, please have your items out.
~ You must remain in the Exceptionally Creative Events and ECE Holdings group the duration of the event and
event posters need to be displayed in your store for the duration of the event.
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